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  1. Chris de Luca
    Also known as C. De Luca, C.De Luca, CDL, Chris de Luca, Chris DeLuca, Christian De Luca, De Luca
  2. Rupert Parkes
    Also known as Photec, Photek Productions, PhotekProductions, Photex
  3. Steve Cobby & Dave McSherry.
    Also known as FB, Fila Basilia, Fila Bazillia, Fila Brasilia, Fila Brazila, Fila Brazilia, Fila Brazilla, Fila Brizilia, Filia Brazillia
  4. John Moffett
    Also known as John M., John W Moffett, John W. Moffet, John W. Moffett
  5. Tied & Tickled Trio
    Also known as Tied + Tickeld Trio, Tied + Tickled Trio, Tied And Tickled Trio, Tied+Tickled Trio, TTT
  6. Matt Haines
    Also known as Rip Off Artist, The, Rip-Off Artist, Rip-Off-Artist, The, Ripoff Artist, The
  7. Ronald Lippok, Robert Lippok, Stefan Schneider
    Also known as To Roccoco Rot, TRR, Trr.
  8. Robin Rimbaud
    Also known as Robin Rimbaud / Scanner, scanner (Robin Rimbaud)
  9. Gauthier Keyaerts, Jean-Christophe Detrain
    Also known as B'N'G, BNG, BNG Productions, Bump 'n' Grind
  10. Andrew G. Carrick.
    Also known as A. Carrick, Andrew G. Carrick, Carrick
  11. Kevin McKay
    Also known as K. McKay, Kevin, Kevin Mc Kay, McKay
  12. Paul Flynn
    Also known as D.J.Q., DJ Q 24-7, Dj Q., DJ. Q, DJQ, Q
  13. Andrew Hulme
    Also known as A Hulme, A. Hulme, A.Hulme, Hulme
  14. Eddy Sayer
    Also known as Eddie Sayer, Sayer
  15. Dallas Simpson
    Also known as Dallas, Simpson
  16. Pushy!
    Also known as Hupsy Down, Pushy, Pushy! Musik Electronik
  17. Neil Harvey, Nik Wells
    Also known as P.C.M, P.C.M.
  18. Ken Downie
    Also known as ザ・ブラック・ドッグ, Black Dog, Black Dog Productions, tBd
  19. Bryn Jones
    Also known as Muslim Gauze, Muslingauze, Muzlimgauze
  20. Darin A. McFayden
    Also known as F. Nasty, Fred Nasty, Freq, Freq Nastie, Freq. Nasty, Freq.Nasty, FreqNasty
  21. Thomas Gustavsson
    Also known as Krome, T-Chrome, T. Chrome, T. Krome, T.Krome, TC, Terric Krome, Thomas Chrome, Thomas K G Son, Thomas K. G. Son, Thomas K.G.
  22. Andreas Bolz
    Also known as BB, Bolz, Bolz + Bolz, Bolz - Bolz, Bolz-Bolz, Bolz/Bolz, BolzBolz