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  1. GrooveGrass Boyz, The
    Also known as Groove Boyz, Groove Grass Boyz, The, GrooveGrass Boyz, GrooveGrass Boyz™, The, GrooveGrass Boyz®, The
  2. 7 for 4
    Also known as 7for4, Seven For Four
  3. José Castañosa
    Also known as J. Castañosa, J.Castañosa, José Castañosa «LILI»
  4. Beatrice Zara
    Also known as MC Rayna, Rayna
  5. Daniel Younes
    Also known as D. Younes, Younes
  6. Physics One
    Also known as Physics, Physics Uno
  7. Ichiro Tanida
    Also known as Ichiro "Pierre" Tanida, Ichiro Tanida (JJD), Ishiro Tanida
  8. Jaromír František Palme
    Also known as J.F. Palme, Jaromír F. Palme