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  1. Trouble Men
    Also known as Trouble Men, The, Troublemen, Troublemen, The
  2. Terrence Parker
    Also known as 7 Grand Housing Authority, 7th Grand Housing Authority, S.G.H.A., Seven Grand, Seven Grand House Authority, Seven Grand Housing Authority (Terrence Parker), Seven Grand Housing Authority, The
  3. Bryan Zentz
    Also known as Baradatrax III, Gold Rush
  4. Andrew Venagas
    Also known as DJ Onionz, Onionz, The
  5. Σάββας Υσάτης (Savvas Ysatis)
    Also known as Σάββας Υσάτης, Savvas, Ysatis
  6. Joe Flores
    Also known as DJ Joeski, Joeski Gran Baron
  7. Susumu Yokota ススム・ヨコタ, Or Yokota Susumu 横田進
    Also known as ススム ヨコタ, S. Yokota, Sosuma Yokota, Susuma Yokota, Susumo Yokota, Susumu, Susumu Yakota, Yokota
  8. Leslie Oliver
    Also known as Jasmina Oliver, Jazmina Oliver, Leslie "Jasmina" Oliver
  9. Louie Vega & Kenny Gonzalez
    Also known as Beto Cuevas, M A W, M.A.W, M.A.W., Master @ Work, Master At Work, Masters @ Work, Masters At Work (MAW), Masters At Work Productions, Masters At Work Productions Inc, Masters At Work Productions Inc.
  10. Jose Reynoso
    Also known as Choco "G Dubs", Choco G-Dubs, G Dubs, G. Dubs, G. Duss
  11. Larry Heard
    Also known as Heard, L Heard, L. Heard, L.arry Heard, L.Heard, Larry, Larry "Mr Fingers" Heard, Larry 'Mr. Fingers' Heard, Larry Herd, Larry Herd (Mr. Fingers), Larry Hurd
  12. Theo Parrish
    Also known as Parrish, Parrish, The, T. Parrish, T.P., Theo, Theo Parish, Theo Parrish Words
  13. Bernard Badie
    Also known as "Jackin'" Bernard Badie, B. Badie, Bernard, Bernard Bidie, Bernard Bodie, Bernard Trax, Bernard Traxx, Jackin' Bernard, Jackin' Bernard Badie
  14. David Moufang
    Also known as D. Moufang, D.Moufang, David, David Moffang, David Mufang, Moufang, Moufang, David
  15. Dan Lye, Andrew Macari, Jay Cowley & Steve Walker
    Also known as To-ka Project, To-ka Project, The, Toka Project, The, Toka-Project
  16. Todd Edwards
    Also known as Edwards, T Edwards, T. Edwards, T. Imperatrice, Todd, Todd Edward, Todd Tell, Too Edvards
  17. Luke Francis Vibert
    Also known as Christ Wagon, Wagonchrist
  18. Frédéric Blais
    Also known as Everything, Fred, Fred "Shred" Everything
  19. Mark Peter Bell
    Also known as Bell, Bell Mark, Bells, M. Bell, M.Bell, Mark Peter Bell
  20. Carlos Sosa
    Also known as C. Sosa, Carlos Sosa, D.J. Sneak, DJ. Sneak, Sneak, Sneak Essentials, Sneak Essentials Volume 1, Sneak Essentials Volume 3, Sneakachew, Snk
  21. Timothy Andrew Liken
    Also known as Delux, Deluxe, T. Deluxe, T.Deluxe, Tim De Luxe, Tim Delux, Tim Deluxe Orchestrates
  22. Chris Simmonds
    Also known as C. Simmonds, C. Simmons, Chris Simmonds Project, The, Chris Simmons, Chris Simmons Project, Chris Simmons Project, The, Chris Simonds, Simmonds
  23. Elliot Eastwick, Miles Hollway, Simon Bradshaw
    Also known as Salt City, Salt City Orch.