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  1. Cristian Vogel
    Also known as C Vogel, C. Vogel, C.Vogel, CAV, Christian Vogel, Cris Vogel, Cristian, Cristian Votel, Cristián Vogel, Vogel
  2. Jamie Alexander Lidderdale
    Also known as J Liddel, J Lidell, J. Lidell, J.Lidell, Jamie, Jamie Liddel, Jamie Liddell, Jamie Lidderdale, Jamie Liderdale, Jim, Lidderdale
  3. David Kristian
    Also known as D. Kristian, Kristian
  4. Roland Faber
    Also known as Replicant (Kinky Rowland), Replicant, The
  5. Farmers Manual
    Also known as Farmersmanual, Framers Manual, Framers Manul, Framersmacuel
  6. Yoshiteru Himuro
    Also known as Himuro Yoshiteru, Yoshiteru Himuro
  7. Roman Belavkin
    Also known as Solar-X, SolarX
  8. Jean-François Roit L'Eveque
    Also known as Jeff "Feedback" Sharel, Sharel, Sylvain Daniel
  9. Denver McCarthy
    Also known as Bhakta Denver McCarthy, D. McCarthy, Denvar McCarthy
  10. Jonah Sharp
    Also known as Space Time Continuum, Spacetime Continum, SpaceTimeContinuum
  11. Henrik Gustav Berntsson
    Also known as Berntsson, H. Berntsson, Hendrik B, Hendrik Berntsson, Henrick B, Henrik B., Henrik B. presents Inte Bara B, Henrik Berntsson, Henrik Bertsson, Henrik. B
  12. Michael Robert Paradinas
    Also known as M. Paradinas, M.Paradinas, Michael Paradinas, Micheal Paradinis, Mick, Mike
  13. Marc Sebastian Royal
    Also known as T Power, T- Power, T-Power, T. Power, T>Power, TPower
  14. Stereolab
    Also known as Stêréölåb, Stereo Lab
  15. Darrell Fitton
    Also known as Bolaman, Bolaman, The
  16. David Toop
    Also known as D. Toop, D.T., Dave, Dave Toop, Toop
  17. Joshua Kit Clayton
    Also known as J. Burnip, Joshua Clayton, Joshua Kit Clayton, Reverend JKC, The
  18. Douglas Benford
    Also known as Si Cut DB, Si' Cut db, Si'cut>>db, Si-Cut. DB, si-cut.db, Si-[cut].db
  19. Antye Greie
    Also known as agf aka Antye Greie, Antje Greie-Fuchs, Antye, Antye AGF Greie, Antye Greie, Antye Greie (AGF), Antye Greie aka AGF, Greie-Fuchs
  20. Kaffe Matthews
    Also known as K Matthews, K.Matthews, Kaffe, Kaffe Mathews, KM
  21. Sasu Ripatti
    Also known as Delay, V. Delay, V.D., VD, Vladislav Decay
  22. Mieko Shimizu
    Also known as Apache 69, Apachi 61
  23. Mikołaj Bugajak
    Also known as Mikołaj "Noon" Bugajak, Mikołaj Bugajak, Noon (33 Obroty),, Południe, Studio S-33
  24. Funkstörung
    Also known as :Funkstörung, :funkstorung, Fünkstörung, FSG, Funk Störung, Funkst., Funkstørung, FunkstЪrung, Funkstoerung, Funkstorung