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Aphex Twin, Black Dog, The End Of Time lyrics

you have
from head to toe

your house is infested with mice
and you pick your nose

in-grown nails you lost your hair
your brand new shirt is ripped and tared


your broke you dont have a job
so thats why you got money from the mob
thats why there after you

all you do is drink damn booze
you smell bad i hate you!

why dose life have to be this way
i wish i were dead or died another day

pass the sharedani
hope you have a nice stay



Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Acrid Avid Jamshred 7:38
2 play The Waxen Pith 4:49
3 play Wax The Nip 4:18
4 play Icct Hedral 6:07
5 play Mookid 3:51
6 play Alberto Balsam 5:13
7 play Raxmus 3:03
8 play Bolt 1 0:27
9 play Nommo 6:52
10 play Bolt 5 0:22
11 play Pot Noodle 7:13
12 play Bolt 6 0:42
13 play End Of Time 3:43
14 play Chesh 6:02

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