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Cassetteboy MF Doom lyrics

When we meditate, what is the word we use? "Om"
I want you to try this, let's all try together

(Hook 1: MF DOOM)
Point blank, right between the eyes
Any fool could get it so don't be too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Run for the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
To the brain right between the eyes balls
Anybody could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More dumber than a clown with a gun
Bound to drum to the sound of the sun "Om"

(Verse 1: Bishop Nehru)
If you saying that I ain't nice you better think twice
I've been in my room psyched, with the mic giving advice
Plans of giving my life to the game
They saying that I'm insane attention I'm not paying
My vision, in and my reign, are coming soon enough
I'm pursuing moving musical drugs
The rap game newest plug, I got the fire
You'll be higher off of one hit
Others getting smothered I came to cover them up quick
I told them that son sick, they ain't believe
Winning with the bob and weave and got the profit in the sleeve
They pocketing off of me? All right I'll let it be
They'll see in the soliloquies, they ain't with me mentally
Born in a different league so they see me differently
Who would've seen this simple teen featuring in magazines
Me, all I really need in the end
Me and intuition rolling through thick and thin

(Hook 2: MF DOOM)
To the dome right between the eyes
Anybody could get it so don't be too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Running for the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
In the head right between the eyes balls
Anyone could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More simple than a clown with a gun
Pounds a drum to the sound of the sun "Om"

(Verse 2: Bishop Nehru)
Am I being idolized? Or am I a pair of idle eyes?
I look into the sky and wise beam of light replies
Telling me the rain's coming in a sec
I still question, if storming passed the rest then'
My mind gets to restin' gotta stay deprived of the stressing
Thought it's hard and I'm relying on blessings
I keep my mind set in a setting that I can dream
So all the positive things attract more than queens and dreams
Gotta balance out the give and take, 'cause I made a couple of mistakes
I know you can relate, but now I'm tryna live great
So I guess I gotta give what it takes and I'll live with the greats
Passed the oppression, I fell back now I'm not stressin'
Materials reign imperial, this lifetime's lesson
And it's quite interesting 'cause everybody's spines getting lessened
With they mind and they relying on weapons
So now we seeing death in a frequent rate
But if I keep light working I could change the pace
My extensions got my visions in a different space
Divine grace, wise in a high state

(Hook 3: MF DOOM)
Straight to the dome right between the eyes
All of y'all could get it so don't get too surprised guys
More funner than a clown with a gun
Running from the crumbs, it's the sound of the sun "Om"
In the head right between the eyes balls
Anyone could get it, so don't be too surprised y'all
More simple than a clown with a gun...

Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace
(Sir Octagon)

It's an area that vibrates when you do, "Om"
It vibrates, and it vibrates the melanin in your third ventricle (hold on, hold on)
That vibrates (What a queen is that) your pineal gland (okay, okay, I see your Maxi dress girl you looking good) and your pituitary and your optic thalamus
Your pineal gland is a gland (Aye) responsible (For real though, you looking fine in that dress, nahm sayin' laughs)
For spiritual... (Hol' up, hol' up, hol'up, hol' up, hol' up)

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
play Side One ?
1 play Sabbaba 0:19
2 play Pilly The Bigs 0:21
3 play Fist Up Mother Brown 0:13
4 play Young Friends 0:22
5 play Nogged Out With Sharon Davies 0:18
6 play Blood And Pus 0:17
7 play An Old Hook 0:08
8 play Billy Bonds Loop 0:32
9 play Joliver 1:37
10 play Bokey And The Smandits 2:14
11 play Bring Back Cloaks 0:56
12 play Old Time Romantic Doves 1:10
13 play Dixy Shit 0:32
14 play Dancing With Manatees 0:10
15 play Job And Bosie 0:26
16 play TR 389 SH L82 TR 380 1:06
17 play Trout Leg Legg Street 0:32
18 play CV Mosq And More Except For CV Mosq 0:35
19 play The Crime Busters Of The Sea 1:27
20 play 100 Degree Neck Cracking Pins 0:14
21 play Chocolate Sushi 0:11
22 play Expensive Shoes Bought Cheap Worn Once 0:08
23 play My Dad Knows Your Brother 0:14
24 play Wind It Up Rob, We'll Dance 1:20
25 play New Drun 2 0:29
26 play Chicken Cake 0:12
27 play Shit & Bird Muck 0:29
28 play Well Now 0:46
29 play You Always Seemed So Brave Before 0:10
30 play What Happened To You Eh? 0:05
31 play Herron? 0:31
32 play Pigeon Nosebag 0:36
33 play Hat Whistle The Shoe Whistle 0:30
34 play Baronia Marine 0:10
35 play Fred Horse 2:15
36 play Cos We're Livin On Adam Clayton 0:28
37 play Grunder 0:13
38 play Bill Hate Figure 0:48
39 play Ah, Tone, The Brownies! 0:42
40 play 2hrs Later Loop 1:19
41 play Magic Watery Stickers 0:09
42 play A Black Swan Bit My Red Shoe 0:13
43 play Sick As A Dog 0:38
44 play Hideous Krow 0:47
45 play Thomas Chad 0:23
46 play Darkside Farmers 1:08
47 play Big Up All Our Mates 0:32
48 play Smiggie Balls, Duff Paddy, Shoepack 0:15
49 play 2 Millennium Big Knee 1:57
50 play Pasta Rasta's Camo Visor Advisor (Revised) 1:52
51 play Large Father 1:33
52 play Gold Small Cat 1:46
53 play Krylon 0:25
54 play Elint Castwood 0:07
55 play A Chance To Turn It Off 0:14
play Side Two ?
56 play Cybear 0:34
57 play Got Myself A ______ Tied Up In The Basement 0:18
58 play My Dad's Brother Knows Russell Crowe 0:34
59 play Anyway, Right, So I Said To Her 0:58
60 play If That's Yer Attitude 1:14
61 play You Can Just About Forget It 1:10
62 play Rwuul Mwroededded 0:41
63 play Crocodile Tears 1:45
64 play Jangly Watt.sits On The Prom 0:11
65 play Pissed Up And Shitting 0:23
66 play The Legend Of The Swedish Galleon 0:23
67 play The Meat Section 2:58
68 play Gasoff Kettleggs 1:52
69 play MF Doom 0:38
70 play Pen Cock 0:23
71 play Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Oh Yeah Dogs 0:59
72 play Ferrularbis 0:21
73 play Atta Michi Hoi 0:31
74 play Foliage Nick Included 2:39
75 play Your Love Is Fading 0:20
76 play Is It Hardcore? 0:08
77 play Brian Cardboard And His Swaying Stance 0:16
78 play We're Fucking Ragbags As It Is 0:25
79 play Barn Master Farley 0:29
80 play Scott Says The Slum 0:19
81 play Bich Ho Tran 0:17
82 play The Sea Dogs 1:43
83 play The Kickabout 0:34
84 play Scrap Heap Services 1:04
85 play The One Behind It 0:19
86 play In Yer Eye 0:12
87 play 10 $ Sting 0:44
88 play And A Complete Change Of Blood 0:24
89 play Phil Collins' Cock 2:26
90 play Cool Fighter 0:21
91 play Drums 0:42
92 play 6 It 1:02
93 play Dirt Slug The Finest 1:25
94 play Fly Me To New York 1:50
95 play 0:30
96 play Your Love It Like Off Benelyn 1:55
97 play (Thats Enough Meaningless Track Names-Ed.) 0:26
98 play Big Ugly Fat-Necked Wombat-Headed Big-Belled Magpie-Legged Narrow-Hipped Splay-Footed Sons Of Irish Bailiffs 0:30

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