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Faderhead Nothing For Nothing lyrics

All the time
All the fights
All the love
Nothing left
Left of us

It's so dark
Only the lights of the cars
Illuminate the room
It's so dark
Only got words in my heart
No actions as proof
It's so dark
But now I'm saving my love
Can't give it to you
It's so dark
And now my soul has turned hard
And my heart has turned cold

And after all this time
All the fights
After all the love
There's nothing left of us (just photographs)
After all you broke
All I healed
Nothing in life is free
You'll get nothing for nothing from me
After all I healed
You'll get nothing for nothing from me

It's so cold
That everything that I hold
Just freezes to death
It's so cold
And I know I have to go
And never come back
It's so hard
To be aware of the dark
And know what to do
It's so hard
To hear you talk of the stars
And know that they're out of reach

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Fistful Of Fuck You 3:23
2 play Older Now 3:03
3 play Join Us 4:12
4 play Inside Me 5:36
5 play Swedish Models And Cocaine 4:10
6 play Not A Robot 3:31
7 play Sick City 4:15
8 play Nothing For Nothing 4:06
9 play Watching Over You 4:48
10 play I Got My Bass Back 4:44
11 play This Machine 5:02
12 play Ballad Of The Weak 4:02

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