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Les Baxter Love Dance lyrics

Just got back from Paris, France
All they do is sing and dance
All they've got there is romance
What a tragedy
Every boulevard has lovers
Every lover's in a trance
The poor people of Paris

I feel sorry for the French
Every guy has got a wench
Every couple's got a bench
Kissing shamelessly
Night and day they're making music
While they're making love in French
The poor people of Paris

Milk or water from the sink
Make a true Parisian shrink
Wine is all he'll ever drink
And it worries me
For with wine as cheap as water
Oh, it makes one stop and think
The poor people of Paris

Sister met a boy named Pierre
Had the craziest affair
And the day they parted there
He cried bitterly
Pierre was there to bid her farewell
But he brought his new girl, Claire
The poor people of Paris

So don't go to Paris, France
Not unless you like to dance
Not unless you want romance
Like those poor inhabitants of Paris

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1-1 play Quiet Village 3:18
1-2 play Jungalero 3:27
1-3 play Temple Of Gold 4:22
1-4 play Hong Kong Cable Car 2:51
1-5 play Oasis Of Dakhla 3:39
1-6 play Taboo 2:41
1-7 play Amazon Falls 2:52
1-8 play Jungle Flower 2:44
1-9 play The Ancient Galleon 3:17
1-10 play Zambezi 3:20
1-11 play Tahiti: A Summer Night At Sea 2:32
1-12 play Congo Train 2:43
1-13 play Acapulco 3:42
1-14 play Stone God 3:10
1-15 play Voodoo Dreams 3:02
1-16 play Mozambique 4:10
1-17 play City Of Veils 4:18
1-18 play Bacoa 3:11
1-19 play Mombasa After Midnight 2:11
1-20 play Bom Bom / Mood Tattooed 4:31
2-1 play Simba 2:43
2-2 play High Priest Of The Aztecs / Pyramid Of The Sun 5:41
2-3 play Harem Silks From Bombay 2:27
2-4 play Papagayo 2:58
2-5 play Jungle River Boat 3:08
2-6 play Temptation 2:25
2-7 play Pantan 2:29
2-8 play Lost City 3:04
2-9 play Pool Of Love 2:08
2-10 play Busy Port 3:06
2-11 play Spice Islands Sea Birds 1:49
2-12 play Go Chango 3:15
2-13 play Nightingale 1:51
2-14 play Love Dance 2:18
2-15 play Safari 2:37
2-16 play Sunken City 2:59
2-17 play Tehran 2:23
2-18 play Blue Jungle 3:16
2-19 play The Left Arm Of Buddha 1:57
2-20 play Procession Of The Princes 5:28

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