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My Ruin Imitation Of Christ lyrics

Mouth just like a guillotine!
(Tell me how to stop the bleeding...)
Thugs and bigots let them stare!
(At the one who isn't there...)
God is absent silly fools!
(All you have are devil's tools...)
Imagination is my murder!
Christ is dead so he can't hurt her...

Jesus saves but not tonight - he's too busy getting high...
I'm too mean and you're too nice, imitation of Christ!
Mary kills when she's on pills, this is how she gets her thrills...
I'm too bored to give a fuck, say your prayers I wish you (luck)!

EYES THAT LOOK LIKE SUICIDE (show me where to run and hide...)
ALL THE PRIESTS ARE OCCUPIED (who will be the next to die?)
LOVELY ARE THE BONES OF TIME (and someday I will leave you mine...)
Inspiration comes from death - that's what the bible says!

Pick a muse, a handsome man, REST MY GAZES UPON HIM!
Arching hands and swollen feet, BEWARE THIS BURDEN OF MY HEAT!
Sacrifice me - lay me down and slowly slice me!
Soothe and loath me, burn me at the stake then hold me!
Whisper in my ear then scold me, stone me stone me, you can't break me!
On the flaming couch you take me, there's no way you can make me...

Tell the truth to my lips, betray me with a JUDAS KISS!
3 times I knew that you'd deny me, love like blood will CRUCIFY ME...
Passion I can't overcome face my past and WHAT I'VE DONE...
Testimony of a liar, god is dead - BUT I'M ON... I'M ON FIRE... I'm on fire...

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