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Release title: Various - 100 X Hardcore

Genre is Electronic 
Style is Hardcore  Gabber 
This album was released on the label Cloud 9 Dance (catalog number CLDM2010015)
This album was released in 2010-04-00 year. Netherlands

All track songs from this album Various - 100 X Hardcore You can listen to in video bottom (if possible), lieve your comment to this release and familiarize with this release's general information. But yo can not download here mp3 tracks or whole album.

# Track title More releases Track length
1-1     Strictly Business (Catscan & X-Ess Love 'N Respect Rmx) 1:38
1-2     Simbiosis 1:03
1-3     WO III 2:44
1-4     Coming 2 Kill U 2:15
1-5     Fear Death 2:50
1-6     Symphony Of The Dead 2:17
1-7     Lost In Dreams (Weapon X Remix) 3:06
1-8     Revelations (Endymion Remix) 3:24
1-9     Voel Je Die Bass (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) 3:12
1-10     Live A Lie 2:01
1-11     Part Of The Project 2:23
1-12     Scrap Attack (Defqon.1 2009 Anthem) (Endymion Remix) 2:54
1-13     UNDR_CTRL09 2:16
1-14     Detonate 2:11
1-15     Who I Am 3:10
1-16     Trust Me 2:32
1-17     Brace For Impact 2:07
1-18     Surround Me 2:36
1-19     Destiny 2:53
1-20     Close To You 1:36
1-21     Suffocating 2:51
1-22     Eye Of The Storm (Angerfist Remix) 2:50
1-23     My Music World 2:50
1-24     Lack Of Existence 2:08
1-25     Angels Deserve To Die 2:47
1-26     Headbanger 3:00
1-27     The Easy Way 2:17
1-28     Our Message 2:18
1-29     Vendetta 2:15
1-30     Inevitable 2:58
1-31     Sloop Die Speakers! 2:33
2-1     The Flow (T-Junction & Rudeboy Remix) 2:33
2-2     Hot In Here 2:19
2-3     Daydream 3:30
2-4     Inside Your Head 2:19
2-5     Soul Shock 2:14
2-6     The Gift 2:00
2-7     Bullets In Their Heads 1:24
2-8     Bite Yo Style 3:09
2-9     CTRL.ALT.DELETE (In Qontrol Anthem 2009 (Kasparov Remix) 2:16
2-10     No Game 0:53
2-11     Nobody Like's 2:26
2-12     Hunt U Down 2:16
2-13     Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix) 1:55
2-14     Inexpugnabilis (Invincible) 2:05
2-15     Kicking Time 1:23
2-16     Or What?! 2:17
2-17     K.O. (Thunderdome Fight Night Anthem 2009) 2:18
2-18     I Don't Care (DJ Niel Remix) 2:16
2-19     Bang Her On The Ground 2:24
2-20     Addicted 2 Violence 1:53
2-21     When Angels Cry 2:44
2-22     A Way To RFX 2:44
2-23     2012 1:51
2-24     The Voice Of Mayhem 2:14
2-25     The Milition 2:32
2-26     Pole Position Lap II (Official M.O.H. Anthem) 1:47
2-27     Homicida (Murderer) 2:25
2-28     Tonight 2:25
2-29     Break 1:39
2-30     Delusion 1:49
2-31     The Guestlist (Gold Diggers Rmx 2009 By Nosferatu) 2:20
2-32     End Of The Beginning (Headbanger 2009 Rmx) 1:15
2-33     Somewhere Down The Lane 2:39
2-34     My Misery 2:45
2-35     Holland Is GVD Het Hardste (Neophyte's 2010 Remix) 3:02
3-1     Make 'Em Clap 2 Diss 2:07
3-2     Push 'Em Up 2:48
3-3     Wreerw 1:49
3-4     Hardcore Rhyme 2:12
3-5     Anticipation 3:08
3-6     Punk Professionals 2:03
3-7     Trigga Finga 3:07
3-8     Thrillseeka 1:45
3-9     World War III 1:56
3-10     Control The Party 2:57
3-11     How Much Can We Take (Catscan Remix) 2:42
3-12     Get Retarded 3:17
3-13     Revolution 2:07
3-14     Hardbeat (DJ Niel Bio Remix) 1:57
3-15     It's Alright (The Stunned Guys Remix) 2:07
3-16     Killing Scum (2005 Remix) 1:46
3-17     Worldwide Crisis 2:20
3-18     Cold As Me 3:29
3-19     Dissolution 2:28
3-20     Design The Future (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2009 Anthem) 1:52
3-21     Go Get Busy (Accelerator Remix) 2:23
3-22     Prednison Attack 1:43
3-23     Unknown CTRL 1:49
3-24     Another Dream 1:27
3-25     I'm Not A Number (Distorted Revelation Remix) 2:37
3-26     The Dreamer (Promo Remix) 2:59
3-27     Frequencies 2:16
3-28     Destroyer 1:27
3-29     Cartoons In Progress 1:07
3-30     Come And Test Me 2:04
3-31     Number One 1:44
3-32     It's Delicious (DJ Buzz Fuzz Remix) 2:13
3-33     Tering! 1:51
3-34     Terror = Timeless 2:21

In studio record of this release "100 X Hardcore" attended those artists:

Buzz Fuzz (DJ Mix, Mastered By),  Dutchaholic (Design),  Catscan (Remix),  DJ X-Ess (Remix),  Peter Paul Pigmans (Written-By),  Marcel Van Os (Written-By),  Bart Kok (Written-By),  Justin Tatipata (Written-By),  Rudi Feenstra (Written-By),  Kevin Van Den Brink (Written-By),  Negative A (Written-By),  Cristian Nardelli (Written-By),  Weapon X (Remix),  Jörg Ritzinger (Written-By),  Stefan Benz (Written-By),  Endymion (Remix),  Fabian Bohn (Written-By),  Bass-D & King Matthew (Remix),  Leon Hoeks (Written-By),  Eelke Kalberg (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Sebastiaan Molijn (Written-By),  Bas Oskam (Written-By),  Raoul Van Grinsven (Written-By),  Endymion (Remix),  Willem Rebergen (Written-By),  Jeroen Streunding (Written-By),  Kelly van Soest (Written-By),  Barbara Palermo (Written-By),  Cristian Nardelli (Written-By),  Massimiliano Monopoli (Written-By),  Bart Revier (Written-By),  Bas Lint (Written-By),  Eugene Van Brakel (Written-By),  Jelle Neys (Written-By),  Rob Janssen (Written-By),  Cristian Nardelli (Written-By),  Matteo Pitossi (Written-By),  Korsakoff (Written-By),  Diego Buffoni (Written-By),  Jorge Ribes Gadea (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Stefan Kranendonk (Written-By),  Angerfist (Remix),  Erik Ypma (Written-By),  Bart Revier (Written-By),  Jelle Neys (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Erwin van Kan (Written-By),  Filippo Calcagni (Written-By),  Paul Elstak (Written-By),  Reiner Van Hall (Written-By),  Remco Lakwijk (Written-By),  Eelke Kalberg (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Jim Hermsen (Written-By),  Tommaso Marra (Written-By),  Dave Paalhaar (Written-By),  Tim Paalhaar (Written-By),  Tom Verbeek (Written-By),  Barend Zevenbergen (Written-By),  Kristof Van Der Meiren (Written-By),  Charley Schrijn (Written-By),  Jeroen Streunding (Written-By),  Richard Koek (Written-By),  Rudeboy (2) (Remix),  T-Junction (Remix),  Jorn Hanneman (Written-By),  Rob Janssen (Written-By),  Korsakoff (Written-By),  Rick Rozema (Written-By),  Erwin van Kan (Written-By),  Patrick Van Kerckhoven (Written-By),  Kevin Van Den Brink (Written-By),  Negative A (Written-By),  Marco Collini (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Grzegorz Luzynski (Written-By),  Kasparov (Remix),  Arjan Terpstra (Written-By),  Bas Oskam (Written-By),  Stefan Kranendonk (Written-By),  Alessandro Dilillo (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Angerfist (Remix),  Jim Hermsen (Written-By),  Barend Zevenbergen (Written-By),  François Prijt (Written-By),  Joshua Dutrieux (Written-By),  Justin Tatipata (Written-By),  Rudi Feenstra (Written-By),  Dagmar Otto (Written-By),  Francesco Iapicca (Written-By),  DJ Niel (Remix),  Jeff Porter (Written-By),  Jeroen Flamman (Written-By),  Negative A (Written-By),  Giorgio Coniglione (Written-By),  Stephan Scheltema (Written-By),  Erwin Van Kan (Written-By),  Jeroen Streunding (Written-By),  Kelly Van Soest (Written-By),  Giorgio Coniglione (Written-By),  Stephan Scheltema (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Marc Out (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Stephan Scheltema (Written-By),  Alessandro Dilillo (Written-By),  Barend Zevenbergen (Written-By),  Saskia Goutier (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Grzegorz Luzynski (Written-By),  Jeroen Streunding (Written-By),  Kelly Van Soest (Written-By),  Danny Masseling (Written-By),  Marc Out (Written-By),  Nosferatu (Remix),  Ferry Salee (Written-By),  Headbanger, The (Remix),  Ferry Salee (Written-By),  Roland & Sherman (Written-By),  Jim Hermsen (Written-By),  Neophyte (Remix),  Marco Oudijn (Written-By),  Richard Koek (Written-By),  Guido Pernet (Written-By),  Guido Van Zitteren (Written-By),  Edwin van Santen (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Guido Pernet (Written-By),  Peter Pernet (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Dov Elkabas (Written-By),  Frank Van Rooijen (Written-By),  Rainaldo De Jong (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Roel Schutrups (Written-By),  Carlos Antunes (Written-By),  Massimiliano Monopoli (Written-By),  Paul Elstak (Written-By),  Bart Kok (Written-By),  Eelke Kalberg (Written-By),  Melvin Pelupessy (Written-By),  Catscan (Remix),  Danny Greten (Written-By),  Dov Elkabas (Written-By),  Eugenio Dorwart (Written-By),  Matthijs Hazeleger (Written-By),  Tommaso Marra (Written-By),  DJ Niel (Remix),  Brad Grobler (Written-By),  Ludie Smitshoek (Written-By),  Rob Janssen (Written-By),  Stunned Guys, The (Remix),  Eugenio Dorwart (Written-By),  Mark Vos (Written-By),  Matthijs Hazeleger (Written-By),  Dov Elkabas (Written-By),  Dario Renzi (Written-By),  Jim Hermsen (Written-By),  Kelly Van Soest (Written-By),  Cristian Nardelli (Written-By),  Matteo Pitossi (Written-By),  Bart Kok (Written-By),  Accelarator (Remix),  Denis Doeland (Written-By),  Marcel Van Os (Written-By),  Eugene Van Brakel (Written-By),  Mark Vos (Written-By),  Roel Schutrups (Written-By),  Distorted Revelation (Remix),  Guido Pernet (Written-By),  Robert Mahu (Written-By),  Promo (Remix),  Leonardo Didesiderio (Written-By),  Mark Vos (Written-By),  Mark Vos (Written-By),  Marcel Van Os (Written-By),  Floor Control (2) (Written-By),  François Prijt (Written-By),  Buzz Fuzz (Remix),  Peter Paul Pigmans (Written-By),  Daniël Leeflang (Written-By),  Dov Elkabas (Written-By),  Daniël Leeflang (Written-By), 

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