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Gisle Martens Meyer

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Discography of Ugress:

# Dwnld Release title Total tracks Type Imprint date Label
1 Resound 17 Track list 2002 Port Azur
2 Cinematronics 19 Track list 2004-08-23 Port Azur
3 Cinematronics 12 Track list 2004 Port Azur
4 Untitled 10 Track list 2001 Not On Label
5 Resound 11 Track list 2002 Port Azur
6 Sophisticated Wickedness 5 Track list 2006-02-00 Uncanny Planet Records
7 Retroconnaissance EP 4 Track list 2006-05-00 Uncanny Planet Records
8 Kosmonaut EP 4 Track list 2006-10-00 Uncanny Planet Records
9 Chromosome Corrupt EP 4 Track list 2007-09-00 Uncanny Planet Records
10 Loungemeister EP 5 Track list 2008 Uncanny Planet Records
11 The B Vault - Unreleased Tracks 2000-2007 18 Track list 2008-01-00 Uncanny Planet Records
12 E-Pipe EP 4 Track list 2008 Uncanny Planet Records
13 Schizophonica 5 Track list 2009-03-20 Uncanny Planet Records
14 Pastel Artery Intersections 3 Track list 2007-08-09 Uncanny Planet Records
15 Out 3 Track list 2001 Uncanny Planet Records
16 Coffee 3 Track list 2008-01-28 Uncanny Planet Records
17 Swing E Sesso (Remix) 3 Track list 2002 Uncanny Planet Records
18 A Touch Of Monsoon 3 Track list 2007-02-17 Uncanny Planet Records
19 It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots) 3 Track list 2009-04-20 Uncanny Planet Records
20 The Ultimate Fix 3 Track list 2007-12-20 Uncanny Planet Records
21 Redrum 3 Track list 2008-01-14 Uncanny Planet Records
22 La Passion De Jeanne D'Arc 20 Track list 2008 Uncanny Planet Records
23 Film Music 23 Track list 2006 Uncanny Planet Records
24 Reminiscience 24 Track list 2009-06-15 Uncanny Planet Records
25 Cowboy Desperado 17 Track list 2005-11-14 Port Azur
26 Ghost Von Frost 3 Track list 2010-02-22 Uncanny Planet Records

Ugress is a musician, producer and remixer from Bergen, Norway. He's been producing music a couple of years, using samplers, synths and computers. Ugress dives into a groovy, spooky and cinematic landscape of weird samples, loops and sounds. Strong rythms carries soundscapes and melodies forth. The sources of sampling include easy listening records of the 60ies, unknown and well known classic funktracks of the 70ies, computer games, television commercials and the oldest aswell as latest sci-fi b-movie. The compelling groove of a breakbeat (or two, or three) is, of course, always present. Ugress released the first self-issued 12" E-Pipe in 2000, and started playing live the following winter. The first gig was basically just a favour for Bergen Filmklubbs (Bergen Film Society) at their biannual releaseparty, and the gig was a success. With only one cinematic concert, the band was in heavy demand. During 2001-2002 the live reputation of the band created a stirr in Norwegian press, Ugress won several national compos, and caught the attention of several labels. Also, the funkish Loungemeister was heavily played on national radio, and used in numerous commercials and situations. However, it was a remix that caught the attention of Port Azur, freshly started Norwegian electronic label by Tuba. While hunting for tracks to include on their first compilation, they came across Ugress remix of Slowphos "Would You", and tried to find more. Luckily, they did, and during spring 2002 a deal emerged. The result: A 12" vinyl EP Loungemeister, and Ugress first full album, Resound. The album was released on Sept 9th 2002, and was immedeately sold out. At first there were planned and printed 3000 copies. But preorders demanded more than double that, so the first shipment was 8000 copies. This was sold out in the first few days, and new pressings had to be ordered continously. The album debuted at 2nd place in Norwegian charts to everyones surprise, with raving reviews and huge attention in Norwegian press. Since then Ugress music has been featured almost everywhere, from movies and television programs to nightclubs and coffee shops. And internationally, things are starting to pick up, with radio and video play as far away as Australia and Iceland. International release is planned for February/March 2003. Ugress is not completely instrumental. Four of the songs on Resound contain vocals by Therese Vadem, and more vocal tracks are in the works. Since spring 2002, she has also been a constant member of the live crew, joining in on some of the tracks on vocals. She has a mesmerizing apperance on stage, and a beautiful, lush voice. Therese is also one of the two beautiful voices in Atakama, and in addition to a great voice talent, she is also an artist with the brush, having several exhibition of paintings and cover artworks behind her.

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