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Chris Monks

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# Dwnld Release title Total tracks Type Imprint date Label
1 Wonkygrooves 8 Track list 2012-06-01 Exit Signals
2 Wonkygroovesii 7 Track list 2012-06-01 Exit Signals

Skew had a mis-spent youth raving in the UK in the early 90's. At this time the dance scene was split between the commercial clubs and illegal raves. Skew fell on his feet in 1991 when he stumbled upon an illegal Spiral Tribe party. From this moment forward he has sought out the crazy drugged up illegal tekno sound where ever it can be found...from fields to squats...from freeway underpasses to hippy gatherings in the californian desert. As time passed it became clear that the glossy well produced, well funded, but ultimately inferior sound of commercial techno was dominating and killing the scene. The final straw was when people started writing books saying that techno music grew out of disco, a totally one sided view of history that favoured the clubs and ignored the true legacy of the punks, the goths, and all the other alternatives who gave rise to the real underground sound of tekno. Up until then Skew had made alot of tekno tunes under different names but never released anything. It was then, however, that he realised the tide needed turning and since then he has been devoted to producing mind melting breakbeat tekno inspired by the true deviant sound of the illegal underground of the 90's.

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