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Donovan Bad Boy Smith

Donovan Smith

Also known as D. Smith, D.B.B.S, DJ Donovan Bad Boy Smith, Donavan 'Bad Boy' Smith, Donovan "Bad Boy" Smith, Donovan "Badboy" Smith, Donovan "Bassline Smith", Donovan "Bassline" Smith, Donovan 'Bad Boy' Smith, Donovan 'Badboy' Smith, Donovan Bassline Smith, Donovan Smith, Donovan [bad boy] Smith, Donovon "Bad Boy" Smith, Smith

Discography of Donovan Bad Boy Smith:

# Dwnld Release title Total tracks Type Imprint date Label
1 The Lowdown - Mixed By Donovan Smith 21 Track list 1998-00-00 Knowledge Magazine
2 Essential Old Skool Hardcore 24 Track list 1998 DCI
3 Universal / The Water 2 Track list 1995 Basement Records
4 Obsession 4 Track list 1992 Ruffbeat
5 Obsession 3 Track list 1992 Ruffbeat
6 Universal / The Water 2 Track list 1995 Basement Records
7 Intelligent Drum Bass 17 Track list 1996 Primitive Rising
8 Ultimate In Hardcore 92 - Vol. 1 27 Track list 1992 Phoenix Productions (2)
9 Thoughts Released Part Two 20 Track list 1994 Camden Tunes
10 Four Pack 59 Track list 1993 Phoenix Productions (2)
11 Fantazia Takes You Into 1992 39 Track list 1992-01-00 Fantazia
12 Fantazia Takes You Into - The Second Sight 2 Track list 1992-02-00 Fantazia
13 Century Presents 45 Track list 1993 Century (5)
14 Xclusiv New Year Double Cassette Collection 4 Track list 1993 Obsession (2)
15 Ruffneck Ting - Live At Lakota 4 Track list 1995-01-00 Ruffneck Ting Records
16 Xclusiv Live Double Techno Mixes 6 Track list 1993
17 Hardcore You Know The Score 2 Track list 1993 Reincarnation (2)
18 Westpoint New Years 1991 3 Track list Global Dance Recordings
19 Fusion 2 Track list 1993 Fusion
20 Worries In The Dance / Twisted 2 Track list Music House (4)
21 Pandemonium - Andromeda VI 2 Track list 1993 Pandemonium (2)
22 I Want To / Untitled 2 Track list 1997 Music House (4)
23 Ruffneck Ting - Lakota - 13th January 1995 2 Track list 1995-01-00 Ruffneck Ting
24 Xclusiv Techno Sanctuary Double Mixes 3 Track list 1993 Obsession (2)

Donovan started DJ'ing when he was 16 playing soul alldayers, hip hop, and rare groove, under the names of 'The Baron', 'Don the Glove', 'Quick Eddie' and 'Donovan Bassline Smith'. But it wasn't until he was tagged by the Top Buzz MC, Mad P, that he became Donovan 'Bad Boy' Smith. Donovans drum and bass career exploded in the summer of 94 playing massive gigs to ravers up and down the country in such venues as the Brunel Rooms, Fantazia, Obssession, Roller express, Elevation, Life, Utopia and the Astoria. At this time he was also managing the jungle section of the Record Basement in Reading. It was then that he teamed up with Vinyl Distibution and was given control of the Street Beats label. This gave him a platform to start his own recording project with Reading engineer/producer Knowle Newton, which was to become Astral Vibes. They went on to debut on Rough Beats and then followed on with Street Beats 11. After a period of A&R'ing the label, Donovan hooked up with Blue, which led on to the partnership that is still going strong today. His DJ'ing career has been exceptional, spinning high profile slots such as the original 'One in the Jungle' show on BBC Radio One, Movement at Bar Rhumba, The Mass in Brixton, and a Knowledge Magazine cover CD. Donovan is Street Beats most travelled DJ, having played places such as Canada, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. He has produced projects with Markee Substance, Decoder, and Blue.

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