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Asa & S1

Asa Robinson & Simon Withenshaw

Also known as Asa & S.1, Asa + S1, Asa And S1
Members of Asa & S1: Asa Robinson, Simon Withenshaw

Discography of Asa & S1:

# Dwnld Release title Total tracks Type Imprint date Label
1 Convulsion / Cured 2 Track list 2004-12-14 Nu Energy
2 Makin' Me Wanna Dance 2 Track list 2004-12-10 Quosh Records
3 Trance Overload / The Future Is Ours 2 Track list 2005-05-00 Nu Energy
4 Reach Out 2 Track list 2005-11-07 Next Generation Records
5 Devotion (Sy & Unknown's 2008 Remix) / Makin' Me Wanna Dance (DJ Kurt Remix) 2 Track list 2008-04-14 Quosh Records Limited Edition
6 Makin' Me Wanna Dance 4 Track list 2008-07-21 Bouncin Tunes Special Edition
7 Makin' Me Wanna Dance 2 Track list 2006 Quosh Records
8 Makin' Me Wanna Dance (VIP Remix) 3 Track list 2005-07-10 Quosh Records Unreleased
9 Reach Out 2 Track list 2005 Next Generation Records
10 Devotion (Sy & Unknown's 2008 Remix) / Makin' Me Wanna Dance (DJ Kurt Remix) 2 Track list 2008-04-14 Quosh Records Limited Edition

Asa & S1 is from Manchester, UK. Asa and S1's history stems well back before the ages of being able to go to raves, and even before the time we were of an age to listen to dance music are history starts at the age of 6. At the age of 6 Asa first started to take piano lessons, which soon progressed into organ and keyboard lessons. He continued to take lessons in all these instruments until at the age of 13 he was grade 8 and qualified enough to teach them all. Similarly, Si (S1) used to play the piano at his local church along with the drums and even the guitar, and can now pick up any instrument and play it. Music became both the young lads lives and went through stages of rock, rap and indie until reaching college and discovering the head-rushin delight of dance music. As such an influential part of Si's life, he started studying book after book of production techniques before applying to the Liverpool Institute of performing arts and became a fully qualified sound engineer. Since then Simon set up and event in his local town called Addiction, which is where he first met Asa who at the time was just there for a good time. Around this time, the pair started to DJ and before long Asa and S1 became a DJ team promoting Addiction in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. Here is where their DJing careers started gathering steam. The next obvious stage was to start producing. Si started first and was busy producing his youthful passion trance. In the mean time Asa was taking his DJing career to the next level, playing right across the country at bigger and bigger events. Soon it was time to harness all his ideas and dancefloor knowledge with the careful production insight of his long-time friend Si. Since, the pair have proved a formidable partnership. In the inventive 'Convulsion' and the stormin 'Cured', their first freeform stormers were signed by Kevin Energy to spearhead the launch of the new Nu Energy Whites label. Proving their versatility, they also received a call from raver's favourite Hixxy wanting to sign their happier tracks for a Bonkers mix. Racing ahead, the interest inspired them to head straight into the studio to make 'Makin' Me Wanna Dance', a Bonkers anthem on Hixxy's CD and one of the biggest rave tracks of last year. It made it onto no less than five CDs, was played on rave floors around the world and even spawned it's own ring tone. Now with the live PA in full swing and bookings at massive events across the country the future is looking good for one of the fastest rising partnerships in UK Hardcore.

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